Low Vision Products
TOPAZ Desktop Video Magnifiers
Easy-to-use, high quality widescreen video magnifiers with a clear, crisp image and more magnified text on the screen. A large LED illuminated work surface and a camera that is 8.25 inches above the table provide ample room for reading, writing, or enjoying hobbies.
Now in High Definition

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MAGic Screen Magnification Software
Low vision? Take control of Web and software application pages. MAGic magnifies your PC screen up to 36x. Customize the screen contrast, tinting, brightness, and more for your personal vision.

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MAGic Screen Magnification Software
Bold high-contrast keys with oversized characters provide fast, accurate typing with less of the eye fatigue experienced when straining to locate keys on standard keyboards. MAGic users enjoy 22 dedicated keys that make learning and using MAGic screen magnification software easier than ever.

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Boost productivity even more by creating and running custom scripts to modify the behavior of MAGic in any application.

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OpenBook Scanning and Reading Software
OpenBook converts printed documents and graphic-based text into an electronic text format on your PC, using quality speech and the latest optical character recognition (OCR) technology. The most accurate text recognition available and a choice of reading voices.

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The PEARL expands the features of OpenBook® to provide instant OCR - no waiting for text to be scanned. The PEARL reads back with a choice of voices, and you can follow along on a PC monitor. The lightweight folding camera deploys in seconds to connect to your PC. When done, fold it into its carrying case, and take it with you.

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RUBY Handheld Video Magnifier
Our smallest, most portable handheld magnification solution. The RUBY product family consists of three models: the RUBY, RUBY HD, and RUBY XL HD. Powerful on-the-go magnification is available in a 4.3-inch (RUBY and RUBY HD) or 5-inch (RUBY XL HD) high-contrast video screen with full color and contrasting color modes. So small and unobtrusive that it easily slips into a pocket or purse for visiting the grocery store, pharmacy, bank, library, restaurant, or almost anywhere else.

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ONYX Portable Video Magnifiers
Our most flexible video magnifier comes in a variety of models to suit different uses. The camera rotates 350 degrees, allowing you to look in any direction - near, far, even mirror-image self-view - and remembers its settings in each position - no need to refocus. Fully portable with an optional carrying case.

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SARA CE Camera Edition Scanning and Reading Appliance
Fast and easy OCR: Just place a printed page under the camera, and the SARA CE instantly reads with RealSpeak™ human-sounding speech. The SARA CE automatically senses when a new page is presented. You don’t even need to push a button for continuous reading of almost any printed material – books, magazines, mail, and more.

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Especially created for those with little to no computer experience, the SARA is ready to scan and read back to you right out of the box. Place a book on the SARA, press a button to scan your reading material, and have it read back to you. Choose from 36 male and female voices and 18 languages plus additional dialects. Includes a free starter library.

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