FSReaderDAISY Player Software for PAC Mate and Desktop

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FSReader is included FREE with JAWS

Freedom Scientific's FSReader software opens a world of accessible reading material for the visually impaired. Used with Digital Accessible Information SYstem (DAISY)-formatted talking books, FSReader™ delivers a host of powerful navigation tools for reading.

  • Go directly to a specific chapter, heading, or page
  • Set an unlimited number of annotated bookmarks
  • Speed up or slow down speech whether listening to a recorded narrator or synthesized speech

FSReader and JAWS

FSReader teams up with JAWS®, the world’s premier screen reader, for easy accessibility, whether you read for pleasure, business, or school. Download or purchase on CD DAISY 2.0 and DAISY 3.0 e-books (the ANSI/NISO standard) like those available from Bookshare.org, and browse, read, and study.


Read textbooks and other content from RFB&D

Both the PC and PAC Mate versions of FSReader play AudioPlus® books from Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic® (RFB&D®). RFB&D is the nation’s largest audio textbook library serving people with print and learning disabilities stemming from physical, visual, or other challenges. It offers more than 30,000 digital titles, ranging from math and science books to literary classics, from kindergarten level through graduate school. RFB&D members should contact RFB&D for a user authorization key (UAK).

Teen listening to audio with FSReader and a PAC Mate BX400


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