Blindness Products
JAWS Screen Reading Software
JAWS reads aloud what's on your PC screen, but it doesn't stop there. JAWS gives you powerful access to PC applications via speech and Braille while working with all your Microsoft and IBM Lotus® Symphony™ applications. You get fingertip look-up with built-in Research It, Convenient OCR for reading graphical elements like buttons and PDFs - and so much more.

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MAGic Screen Magnification Software
MAGic magnifies your PC screen up to 36x. Take control of Web and software application pages. Control contrast, tinting, brightness, and more.

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Bold high-contrast keys with oversized characters provide fast, accurate typing with less of the eye fatigue experienced when straining to locate keys on standard keyboards. MAGic users enjoy 22 dedicated keys that make learning and using MAGic screen magnification software easier than ever.

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OpenBook Scanning and Reading Software
OpenBook's versatile Optical Character Recognition (OCR) makes text accessible, and reads it aloud. With so many low vision features, you can tailor the appearance of text on your screen (font style, size, character spacing, and color), view with split-screen, and more.

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The PEARL, combined with OpenBook, brings blind and low vision users instant portable access to printed material with an array of human-sounding voices. The folding camera deploys in seconds to connect to your PC and snap a picture of your reading material. When you're done, fold up the PEARL, and take it with you almost anywhere.

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PLEXTALK™ Pocket DAISY Player/Recorder
Listen to books, play music, keep memos, and record on the go. The PLEXTALK Pocket is small, slim, and light - perfect for school, the workplace, hanging out with friends, or at home reading a good book.

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Focus Braille Displays
Focus Braille displays are an affordable Braille option with the features that Braille users most request: crisp, paper-like Braille, ultra-responsive keyboards, and ergonomic design. Choose from the 14-cell Bluetooth® Focus 14 Blue to the full 80-cell Focus 80.

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PAC Mate Omni  Accessible Pocket PC
The PAC Mate Omni provides users with productivity tools that access virtually every application that sighted users of mainstream PDAs enjoy. The PAC Mate Omni runs Mobile versions of popular Microsoft Office® applications and uses ActiveSync® to seamlessly synchronize with your desktop computer. Options for Braille are included.

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Use these portable displays interchangeably with the PAC Mate, your PC, and laptop. They feature a low-cost, simple platform for 20-cell and 40-cell refreshable Braille.

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SARA CE Camera Edition Scanning and Reading Appliance
The next-generation self-contained scanning and reading appliance is fast and easy to use for those that are low vision or blind. Just place a printed page under the camera, and the SARA CE instantly starts reading. The camera automatically senses when a new page is presented and scans and reads in the background, so there is no interruption of reading.

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The SARA is the ideal scanning and reading solution for people with little or no computer or technical experience. Large, bright intuitive buttons get you scanning and reading right out of the box.

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ITY computers and Focus 40 Blue Braille Display
Deaf-Blind individuals need to be able to communicate over a distance and face to face. The Interpretype Deaf-Blind Communication System does both with ease.

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